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Prince Harry Spotted at Bournemouth Casino

Britain's Prince Harry was spotted trying his luck at blackjack, Poker and roulette at the Stanley's casino in Bournemouth, Dorset, near his Army training Camp. The 21-year-old Prince won about $950 during a night of gambling at the said Casino.

Fellow officers reportedly accompanied the young Prince from his Bovington army base and was with a mystery woman.

"It looked like their first visit to a casino because they just stood and watched the action at first," an onlooker, who was at the Casino when the Prince was seen, stated in Britain's the Sun Newspaper.

"There was a good-looking girl with them - I think she was with one of the Prince's pals," the onlooker also mentioned.

The group was said to have been well behaved and sensible with their money despite drinking pints of lager.

"They started with roulette and then moved to the blackjack table, but they were being sensible and only playing with Euro 5 (which is equivalent to $9.50) chips. They were drinking pints of lager but they were very well-behaved and not at all rowdy," added the source.

"Harry built up quite a pile of chips before cashing them in and leaving."

Queen Elizabeth regularly bets on horses, as did the Queen Mother, and to make it short, Harry is not the only member of the royal family to have a passion for gambling.

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